Thursday, 30 August 2012

Treasured Moments

Treasured moments are moments that bring smile to our face, a tear to our eyes and a vibration in our heart.

They are special and unforgettable.  

We treasured every moment because they bring back the memory of a loved one and a lesson learned in life (take note: a lesson learned).

They are not meant to be hidden or buried, rather they are to be remembered and revived,  to be experience again and again  for they are influential source of strength, guidance, inspiration, and hope as we journey through life. 

Its 8pm, and I’m still seated in my office, thinking about the best moments I have had with loved ones. Sometimes we get so busy thinking about the future that we fail to live in the present. I realized that looking back at where I was as only helped me in appreciating my present and giving me hope for the future

I have had friends who came into my life and beautified it; some who just by giving me a gift of their time transformed my life. When I think of the many late night walks I had while I was in the university, and the moments shared with my few co-walkers, I can’t help but appreciate my past. Yes, sometimes we need to appreciate our past. Those were some beautiful night under the shining stars and the tiny droplet of dew from heaven.
"You don't bring me flowers anymore.."

This line from a song was playing on the radio during my lonesome moment.  

While listening to this song, it reminds me how life has treated me 'till this very day. It was my lonesome moment, and an outburst of emotion has got me almost fainted. 

I thank God that during those moments of sadness,

when I was so down and tired in my journey,
He has given me a helping hand,
in a form of a stranger... a friend.

A friend who listens instead of judging.

A stranger, whom I considered my light in shining armour.
It was a moment, a treasured moment... with a treasured friend.

Getting back to the song...
It was a gentle reminder for me to go back to my real self, to my identity and my mission in this life. 

This is the moment! 

I must live each moment as if my hair is on fire!

Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it would be worth remembering



Sophie said...

Beautiful piece, Huntly! Beautiful!
I've been going through all your write-ups. I didn't know you have so many of them.
Beautiful work you're doing right here and I want to encourage you to keep at it.
Somebody somewhere is sneaking in and out of your blogspot unnoticed, not commenting but silently drawing hope and strength from the beauty you describe so artistically with your words.
Now it's my turn to say "Gracias"
God bless you and reward your labour of love.

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