Thursday, 25 April 2013

The 5,000 People Drive

I consider myself to be an incredibly blessed person-not because of anything tangible or touchable or even concrete, but because I have had so many rich and powerful moments and experiences in life. Although still very young, I have been privileged to see people at great moments in life; a case study was when a little girl whose parents couldn’t afford to pay her WAEC fee later graduated with a Law degree from the University of Port Harcourt. I have also witnessed someone who couldn’t pay his rent at some point in his life later dedicate his first house. Great moments! Priceless moments! 

But I have also been there in some tough and dark moments. I have seen people who just in their final semester, dropped out of school because their widowed mother couldn’t continue paying their fees. I have been there when life was so tough that people couldn’t be phony. And because I've been there when those crises begin to occur, there’s a level of transparency I have been able to witness that has made me appreciate life more. 

Life sometimes can be tough.  Life sometimes brings people to a point where they scream “Help! Help!! Help!!!" as tears drips down their faces. Such is the case of this young man called Vincent Nwokedi who was diagnosed of Acute Lymphoytic Leukemia (Blood Cancer) just a day after his first semester exams, precisely on the 10th of April 2013.

Vincent Nwokedi, a 600 level (final year) student of pharmacy is currently undergoing Chemotherapy in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), awaiting to be flown to India where he would undergo a bone marrow transplant  to cure his condition and the required sum  for his treatment is N10, 000, 000 (10 Million Naira). 

Vincent is at a cross road of his life and in dire need of help. While N10 million is an amount some people would comfortably spend to purchase just one car, it is all that’s needed to save Vincent’s life. I know N10 million is quite a huge amount of money, but if five thousand people will sacrifice N2000 (Two thousand Naira) each to assist Vincent, we would have saved a generation. This is that time when we need to walk the love we’ve always been talking.  

I have spoken to Vincent myself and he told me that as at yesterday, 24th April 2013, 2.6 million naira (Two Million Six Hundred Thousand Naira )had been raised and he is hoping that he gets people like you and I to come to his aid before the deadline. He needs this money! He needs you! He needs to be alive. 
Think about the incredible difference you will make in his life. Think about the inexplicable joy that’s comes from being there for people in their time of need. Undoubtedly, we’ve been to the bank many times to deposit money into our personal accounts. Again, we can walk into the bank, pick up the deposit slip, inscribe on it Vincent’s details, and walk up to the deposit stand and pay in whatever amount we have to help save Vincent’s life. Betterstill, you can use the Quickteller button on the ATM to do a Funds Transfer or even online banking like many of us do. 

When we give out what we still have need for, that is GIVING.

Below are his details together with a supporting document from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital:

BANK: Zenith


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2100053461

Please help share this information with as many people as possible. Let’s help save Vincent. Be part of the 5,000 people.

Huntly Anabs
Twitter: @huntlya

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Must Read:How Owning A Blackberry Helped Ruin My Life

 After reading this story on Emeh's blog, I didn’t know whether to call it a mere work of fiction or a true life story. Well… I decided to share it here on The Journey Begins because I believe to some extent, stuffs like this really do happen in our society and there are one or two lessons that can be learnt from stories such as this. 

They say its a true life story and as unbelievable as it seems,with the recent inhumane treatments being meted out on innocent girls by some heartless cannot doubt the authenticity of this story...

Please read and share your views.

Read below
My name is Chinwe, I am 26 years old, I never graduated from the university, simply coz I was stupid and careless, on my 24th birthday, I received a nice gift, it was a blackberry phone, I always wanted one, it was like a right of passage, my ex-boyfriend got it for me, he was a student like me, didn’t have a job, and I really never cared to ask as he could afford it, my concern at that point was, yes I had finally arrived,......

.... other girls in my hostel had blackberries and I would always get pissed when I heard sounds of pings and messages coming into their phones at all hours and I would stare at my Nokia phone and wish I could throw it away, but half bread they say is better than none, so I hoped and even fasted to get a blackberry phone, looking back now, if I had the opportunity, I’d have a landline with no internet activity what so ever, anyway I got the blackberry phone and even got free

BIS subscription, at that moment my life was complete, no more going to the cyber cafes to check my emails, my face-book or twitter, I had it all at my finger tips, life indeed was complete, or so I thought.

Anyway, I became addicted to my blackberry and also my social media applications, and since I had constant access, I quickly gained enough followers, and especially guys, mostly because I had a lot of er*tic pictures on my timeline, I was popular, finally I felt I was the main girl, everyone wanted to follow me, I didn’t care if it was virtual, it felt good, checking out my profile and having well over 8,000 followers, more than half of which were guys, but one particular guy caught my attention, till this day I don’t know what made him stand out, but we got chatty, he sent me direct messages and I replied, he was quiet a gentleman , and I can’t remember him ever asking for a nudè picture unlike the rest of them, so this made me comfortable with him, his name was Tobi, he said he was a doctor , I didn’t have any cause to doubt him, he had extensive knowledge and even gave me some medical advice from time to time, we eventually moved from twitter to blackberry chat, we chatted all the time, I got so comfortable with him, I gave him my number, and that would come to be the biggest mistake I ever made.

Tobi called me every day, some days he called more than once, at night he would call and I would lay on my bed and have phone sèx with him, his voice was so soothing, he made me do things I never thought possible, he had gained so much access into my head, I realized later I had done some very sick and twisted things just to please him, I would take nudè pictures of myself, I would send him videos of me touching myself in private, and send him voice notes of me making moaning sounds and simulating orgàsms, and all this while we had not met, not face to face at least, eventually I played into his hands, I began pestering to meet him in person, at this point I had lost my mind, I assumed I was in-love with him, and when my boyfriend at the time broke up with me, I really welcomed it, for me it meant no more sneaking around.

Tobi eventually agreed to come to Lagos to meet me, all this while he had made me to believe he was in Calabar, and would take time off work to spend a weekend with me in Lagos, when I heard this I was excited, he told me to book a reservation for him, stating he would pay me back as soon as he arrived and also he said it would make him more committed to the visit and would convince him of my seriousness, I bought it all, he was smart, he was cunning, and I was stupid, oh how stupid I was. The funny thing was I had sent him tons of pictures, and all I had was just one picture of him, and whenever I asked he would claim he wanted to be sure I loved him for him, and not for his looks, and sheepishly I would try to convince him of my undying love, and would try to appease him with nudè pictures of my body.

He eventually made it to Lagos, I met him at the hotel, he was tall, handsome and had a wonderful smile, he made love to me over and over, and convinced me to spend the night with him, I told him I couldn’t, because I had a test the next morning, now at this point I don’t know what triggered his anger, don’t know if it was because I couldn’t spend the night, or maybe I said something else I can’t remember saying, but whatever it was, brought out a very ugly side of him, he called me foul names, and kept going on and on about how he always knew I was cheap, and he knew I was sleeping with other men, the same man whom had swept me away, slammed me on the floor, he told me of how he had shown his friends all my nudè pictures and how they had watched the videos and listened to the voice notes, he told me he had made a bet with his friends, that I would actually pay for him to have sèx with me, just to prove how stupid I was, well you can imagine how I felt, I was confused and shocked, but I attempted to regain any little dignity I had left, and so I tried to mouth off at him, suddenly he punched me in the face, and I tripped over, and hit my head on a stool.

The next thing I remember was waking up on the bed, I was tied up, and he was staring at me, his eyes were dark and he had a sinister smile on his lips, he stood up and walked towards me ,I tried to scream and realized my mouth was tapped, my head was racing, the unfortunate part was that no one knew where I was, he turned me over, and told me he was going to teach me a lesson, at this point I was unclad, he rapped me from behind, and I mean my anus, the pain was mind blowing, I struggled, and he hit me, when he was done he brought out a small blade, and he looked at me for a minute and said, this scar is going to always serve as a reminder, for girls like you always trying to be more than you are, for stupid fools like you, he put the blade to my
bosom and cut it off, and anytime I think of it, I still feel the pain, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, he was calm, like he had done it a million times, I could feel the warm blood dripping down my mutilated chest, tears of fear and pain running down my face, and suddenly he turned around again, this time
all I saw was a flash.

I don’t know how I survived it, but I woke up in a hospital days after, well I was awake, but my eyes were swollen shut, It took a couple of days for me to open my one good eye, and realize d damage he had done, he had plucked out my eye, and cut my face,
he had cut my breasts up real bad, they had to it out, like I had cancer or something, there was no record of who I was, coz he had taken everything, he had taken my bag, containing everything I had. I was able to tell the nurses about what I could remember, and also give them my mum’s phone number, the hospital felt so much pity, they actually treated me for free, hard to
believe right?

Anyway I was taken home after weeks at the hospital to recuperate, it was tough, I was blind in one eye, I had one chest and a hideous scar of my face, talk about your sinage, he did a number on me, how dumb was I, sometimes I wish he had killed me, but there are fates worse than death, and I guess this is one of them, he was gone without a trace, the receipt
from the hotel was in my name, so yes he had played me from the start.

I didn’t dare go back to school, I was sure everyone would have heard, and I was not going to become a statistic, so I decided to stay home, and mind my business, besides what do I need an
education for, I’d rather stay home, because there is no rising from this, there is no happy ending to this story, this is the simple ending, I was a victim if a sèxual predator, and I let him into my life period, and I take full responsibility for that, I was driven by greed and lack of morals, I allowed myself fall into an abyss, but well saying all this doesn’t change anything, it’s a memory I will have to live with for the rest of my life, well not a memory, because I look at myself in the mirror everyday, who would want to see a nudè picture of a woman with one chest, one eye, and a stub.

I have decided to publish my story, because with the rise of social media atrocities being committed, every story can go a long way in saving a life, so while you read, SHARE and help someone back to the right path, these internet predators are real.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Puzzle Of The Week: Spot The Differences

Ok… let’s see how smart you are! All you need do is spot the differences and leave a comment, letting us know what they are.

And yes! I’m going to post the comments soon, so people don’t get to copy others. Think for yourself! Hehe! 

Let’s see who’s first to spot the differences. Spotted?  Please let us know….

Also, how about I ask: what do you see when you look at these words--------- OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE? Separate them so we can know what you came up with. E.g THEBOYISHERE… When separated becomes THE BOY IS HERE……. Hehe!! Look well!

Moral behind this: It is not so much the challenge as it is your perception about the challenge. Maybe we need to stop focusing on how big our challenges are and instead, focus on what has been deposited in us to overcome those challenges.  You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller. You overcome challenges by making yourself bigger. Perception/outlook is everything.

Get your mind to work. Hehe! 

Have a great week folks.

Huntly Anabs
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

T.D. Jakes: Unforgiveness Is Like a Cancer - Oprah's Lifeclas...

I have yet to meet that person who hasn’t at some point in their lives been hurt by the people they love. One of the most difficult things to do in life is to forgive the people who hurt you. However, we must understand that forgiveness is essential if we are to live life to the full.  It is a gift we must find a way to give ourselves regardless of who or what has placed us where we are.  

Forgiveness is such a big idea. It isn’t about weakening you but strengthening you to live and love again, performing at your highest capacity, unencumbered by yesterday’s maladies. It does not exonerate the one who hurt you, nor does it trivialize the depth of your trauma… But it brings you into an abode of peace where you begin to let go of your past and embrace your future. 

I believe we all have a story of pain to share.

You know, it is easy to preach forgiveness when you’ve not been in a situation that requires you to forgive. But coming from someone who has been hurt many times by scoundrels and loved ones and still, was able to not just survive the experience, but let go, is someone worth listening to. 

In his brief interview with Oprah Winfrey, Td jakes compares unforgiveness to cancer. He explains why unforgiveness is dangerous to the human soul and shares with his audience how they can come out of the pit of unforgiveness.

Please check it out and share with friends and family. It is a must watch.


Huntly Anabs
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

One Disease That Continues To Plague Most Nigerians

Just a few days back, I went shopping in Grand Square, one of Abuja’s most popular supermarkets, where I witnessed a shocking incident that inspired me to write this article. 

Few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “One disease that continues to plague most AUN students” which triggered different opinions from people. Some of the responses implied that I had limited the disease to only AUN students while ignoring the vast population of Nigerians who suffer from the disease. Maybe true, but I had limited the said disease to just AUN students because I specifically wanted to pass across a message to them.

Today, I’m going to be writing on what I have titled “One disease that continues to plague most Nigerians.” While the disease I call “misplaced priority” could be detrimental if not attended to hastily, I believe there is another, even more deadly. You will find out what this disease is as you read on.

I had finished shopping and was about exiting the building when all of a sudden I could perceive the pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread. Overwhelmed by the smell, I thought I should spoil myself with just a loaf or two, and so, I proceeded to the bread stand where I joined a long line of waiting customers who were there for the same purpose. In front of me was this dude standing beside this babe who I observed to be his girlfriend. So, there I was, exhausted from standing when I overheard this babe asking this guy if she could go pick up a few items to add to what she already had in the trolley. He nodded and responded “Sure, why not… feel free to do so.” 

She left, and to my greatest amazement, he tapped his friend who was standing in front of him and asked if he could borrow “additional” N6, 000 to the money he already had borrowed from him.  His friend being displeased with his inability to tell his “girlfriend” he had no more money on him, responded to him quietly in pidgin English by saying “How long you go continue with this fake lifestyle when you dey live so?… Why you dey always make this babe believe say you hold when me and you know say nothing gum you? Na the girl wey you say you won marry be this oh..” The guy being impervious to his friend’s confrontation, pleaded for the money, obviously hoping to get it before his girlfriend came back with the items. 

From where I was standing, I could see as his friend reluctantly reached for his wallet and counted N6, 000 and handed it over to his him. Then the guy goes “You be correct guy! No worry, na me and you go gbedu this life together.” 

There I was, in total amazement, as I tried to compare the person I saw on the outside to the person he really is on the inside. Holding a Bold 5 and a LG phone of some sort and wearing a Hawes and Curtis t-shirt, with an Emporio Armani wrist watch and a Gucci belt, but yet with an empty bank account. It was easy to figure out because I had just witnessed his friend confronting him right there in the bread stand to quit his “borrow pose” life style and start saving for a living.

Although I wasn’t so surprised at what I had just seen since I get to meet a lot of people his kind at the airport, banks, offices, social gathering and even in the church. Truth be told, I’m more than convinced that we have a generation of people who claim to be on the outside what they aren’t on the inside- They advertise a product for which they have no capacity to deliver and so, eventually, they end up embarrassing themselves while leaving the people in their lives or those who admire them from afar disappointed. I think these set of people suffer from a disease I call “False advertising.”

Not that I consider myself to be immune to this disease, Absolutely not; for I would be a liar if I try to parade myself as someone whose got it all together. What really makes me cringe is the extent to which people have made it a habit to put up a front that has no proper backing. It’s ok when you try to showoff knowing you’ve got potential, but I think it’s a complete farce when you are just a packager with no iota of potential. 

It would shock you to know that more than ever before, people now borrow money from banks or friends to buy expensive cars, live in luxurious hotels, buy designer wears and travel in first class to various parts of the world on “borrowed funds.”  They sham a type personality to get you attracted, and the sad thing is, most of us see these guys and then wish to become like them with no idea of who they really are. The disease they carry is about to infect us.

I’m of the opinion that if you must borrow, it should be for an investment or to meet a pressing need and not for pleasure or to impress people. Hey, let me quickly issue a disclaimer here: Not everyone you see who drives an expensive car or lives in an expensive rented apartment is boxed up. We’ve got BROKE people in Nigeria driving expensive SUV’s and living in expensive rented apartments. I mean BROKE people.  How then do they keep sustaining such a lifestyle? I’m glad you asked. Truth is, they keep borrowing from different sources to camouflage their broke lives. Ouch! I know that was mean… But the truth is bitter they say.

Sometimes people withdraw the last cash in their bank account to obtain things for which they have no means to maintain. Some ladies buy Brazilian hair abi morocco hair and then go hungry for weeks, sometimes months.  I mean, why would someone in his right senses eat up his seed? You didn’t get that right? Don’t worry; you will get that next year.

So, it becomes a problem when you allow something that should be temporal take permanent residence in your life. There’s nothing wrong with being who you are even when others don’t like who that is. I believe that sometimes, if you are not careful you can become so much a “persona” that you seize to be a “person.”  If you can’t afford a particular lifestyle, please don’t borrow to do so. Only borrow what you know you can pay back. If you can’t afford a plane ticket, please quietly go by road. It’s just a phase.  Don’t try to impress people by shooting yourself in the leg. If you can’t afford to host someone in a Chinese restaurant please stick to Mr. Biggs or better still, invite the person for dinner at your place. Don’t try to advertise yourself falsely, and then go back weeping in your secret place. If at the present, you have the money to get yourself a place in Maitama or Ikoyi, but you don’t have enough money to keep you there, please you might want to consider another option. It is one thing to acquire and another to keep.

Don’t get it twisted, it is harder to maintain than it is to obtain.  Don’t obtain a lifestyle you know you can’t maintain. Like the popular saying goes, “don’t live a champagne lifestyle on a coca cola income.” Wisdom is profitable to direct. Don’t become like someone who uses his public success to mask his private failures. It only piles up the embarrassment that awaits you.

As I conclude, may I say here that I’m not against having expensive stuffs or living a luxurious lifestyle. No! As a person, although I’m not really a gadget freak, but I love shoes and suits, and I know how much it cost me to buy them. But if getting those things would make my account go red, I would rather wait till I have enough money to buy them than look good with nothing in the pocket. I think it’s high time people begin to embrace reality and get rid of the false pretentious life to which they have become accustomed to.

How about I ask: Do you have the disease I call “False Advertising?” if you do, don’t you think it’s high time you visit a doctor? And yes! I’m visiting mine shortly.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below.


Huntly Anabs
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