Thursday, 2 August 2012

What drivesYOU?

Every now and then, I ask myself this very simple, but important question “what drives me?”  Perhaps the reason I think it’s important we ask ourselves this question is so that we can know if our priorities are set right. I realized that sometimes, people do the right things but they do it for the wrong reason. Honestly answering the questions below will help us know if we are doing things according to purpose. 

  • As someone in a relationship or that is aspiring to be in one, are you driven by looks or character?
  • As someone in business, are you driven by making profits or creating value?
  • As a student, are you driven by making good grades only, or having a concrete understanding of the course?
  • As an employee, are you driven by monthly pay cheque, or solving problems on a daily basis?
  • As someone pursuing a career, are you driven by fame or touching lives
  • As a beauty pageant, are you driven by just beauty or giving beauty a meaning?
  • As a builder, are you driven by wages or building a shelter for the homeless?
  • As an employer, are you driven by packaging or potential?
  • As a preacher, are you driven by accolades or change
  • As an individual are you driven the external or the internal
Having answered the above questions, I think I should once again ask you; what drives you?


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