Saturday, 25 August 2012

TRUST God even when you can't TRACE him

I have often wondered how  i got to where I am today. You see, It can be really scary when you have absolutely no clue of what the future holds for you or maybe when you think of the many obstacles that awaits you on your journey.

For me, the lines has been falling in pleasant places. Just when I thought I had it all figured out God just comes with his own plan and he's is always better.

I have learnt to trust God even when I can't trace him. I believe that everything I would ever be has already been orchestrated by him. However, that doesn't mean I sit, and fold my hands and expect everything to fall in place. Infact, Your decisions decides your destiny; everything you would ever be tomorrow is dependent on the decisions you make today.

As you Journey through life, you must learn to trust God. You must understand that his plans for your life are always the best. Sometimes his plans leaves you uncomfortable, but all things works for the betterment of those that trust him.

Be careful not to measure yourself with others..We all have a different path in life. John's path may not be peter's path. Therefore, just because others are succeeding doesn't mean you are failing. You must be careful to remain in the confinement of your purpose and not try to live outside of your calling. 

While you may not know what the future holds, why not trust the one who holds your future? He knows best. So embrace yourself and live in the moment. Plan but always give room for God's plan..



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