Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meet my first love

I had to run from the kitchen to the parlor to answer my phone. As usual, It was my first love calling. This was just past 5pm in the evening and we had spoken more than 6 times already. Of course, I can’t get tired of hearing her voice. Well, she had called to inform me that she would be traveling down to spend one week with me.  Filled with great Ecstasy, I forgot what I was cooking on the gas. Of course it got burnt. 

You know that feeling that comes with knowing that someone loves you unconditionally. You really don’t have to impress that person for you to be accepted; s/he loves you for YOU; your flaws can’t nullify the love that person has for you. Such is the kind of love we all seek.  I had just recently graduated from college, and trying to build my future. You and I know so well that most people prefer to be part of an already finished project rather than become part of the building phase. They come after the “process” to enjoy the “profit.” This is common among church goers; they run away immediately the pastor demands that they contribute towards the church building project, and then come back after the church has been completed and lift up their “holy hands” in worship to God. *smh*

Now, here I am, at this phase of my life, trying to build my future with so much to overcome. Having moved out of my parents’ house just right after school, I now pay my bills, feed myself, clothe myself, and make decisions for myself. The phase of “daddy I want this-I want that is gone; it’s all by myself now. It‘s at this stage of a man’s life that he no longer live just to impress people. He learns to say NO to people no matter how difficult it is for him to. His priorities are re arranged and his view of the world is some worth different from the ordinary individual. At this stage, impressing a lady by buying her all “them” bold 5, iPhones, Brazilian hair, and range rover sports becomes his least priority. (All the ladies shout hallelujah!! Amen! Amen!) *Tongues out*

Well, while I awaited her coming, I began thinking of how I was going to make her comfortable for the one week she would be staying at my place. First of all, I have no generator and you know how PHNC (a power supply company in Nigeria) can decide to play games especially when you need them most. Secondly, we have to manage to sleep on the small bed together. You see, some of you reading this may not understand the depth of love your first love have for you. 

Her coming meant a lot to me because she was willing to share with me even in my “small.” Anyone would want to visit you in your mansion, but only a few can stay over with you in that self contain as it is often called.  Guess what? She’s more comfortable staying with me in my small apartment than staying in a hotel with all the luxury that comes with it. She eats what I eat, drinks what I drink and she’s just comfortable.  You wouldn’t blame her; her love for me is so strong and deep.

 My “first love” I talk about here is my beautiful mum. She loved me when I was nothing and stood to defend me at all times. She gave without expecting anything in return. Many a time she had to cry in the private in other for me to smile in the public. I tell you, the love of a mother is fathomless. The sad thing is most people don’t understand the role a mother plays in their lives, and that’s why they fail to appreciate her. They can’t even remember when last they placed a call to their mum. Whenever I come in contact with people who are ashamed of introducing their mum to their friends I feel sorry for their future. Ashamed of someone who was never ashamed of you?  I call it irony of life. 

This post is dedicated to all mothers for all their cares and unconditional love they’ve shown to us. If your mum means so much to you, right after you read this post, place a call to her and tell her the sweet thing you would tell a girl or a guy.  Buy her a gift; give her a treat by taking her out; write her a love letter, show her how much you appreciate her. Every mother deserves to be celebrated.

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