Monday, 30 July 2012

Recapture your DREAM

Where there is no hope in the future there is no power in the present. Several years ago, one man shook America, one man changed the world and fired the shots across the world when he stood and proclaimed these words: “I have a dream” and when he said those words it begin to have ramifications that would forever change the world. That man is Matin Luther King.  I define a dream as a clear mental picture of what one hopes to become.  A dream births in your spirit hope for the future. The future we are told belongs only to the dreamers. Perhaps, I should say, that the future belongs only those who do something about their dream.

If you must live a fulfilled life, you've got to have a dream and build on it. People who have no dream begin to shrink and decay over time. Most organizations run out of business not because they don’t have enough money to keep the organization running, they fail because they stopped dreaming; they stopped dreaming of possibilities and value creation.  The only thing that distinguishes one person from another, one organization from another is whether or not they have a dream and are willing enough to step out and bring to reality their dream.
Quickly, I want to share with you three things that will destroy your dream. They are the greatest dream smashers and dream destroyers that cause people to lose hope and give up. They are:

Temporary Circumstances:
Temporary circumstances are those huge obstacles you meet along the way. The challenges that confront you as you try to make your dream a reality.  The people who try to discourage you and make you feel your dream is so big that it can’t be achieved. They are the people who show you the “process” and make you forget the “promise”. John Maxwell refers to these set of people   as “fire firefighters.” They will do everything possible to quench the fire within you by infusing in you doubts about your dream.  Every dream has in it disguised in what I call a “PROCESS”; a phase you have to go through to get to your dream. The PROCESS can be challenging and discouraging, but you must be very careful not to make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstance. Don't make a decision to give up on your dream just because you can’t see the light just yet, don’t name your future by your present circumstances.

Divine Delay:
It can be frustrating when it doesn't happen as quickly as we want it to happen.  There is such a thing as a divine delay; when it doesn’t happen at our clock. If you are not careful you will give up on your dream and begin to live someone else’s dream because you think you are failing while the other person is succeeding and nothing is as dangerous as leaving another man’s dream. 

False Evidence:
 False evidence is something the devil uses to discourage a lot of people from achieving their dream. He uses something that isn't real to make you give up on your dream. Jacob comes to mind as I write this article. He had that his son Joseph had been devoured by a wild beast. The news came to him as a shock because just a while ago, he saw his son leave the house in search of his brothers.  I imagine him crying out loud "my son can't die, he's too young to die." But when the old man saw the coat of his son that his brothers had torn into pieces and immersed in the pool of an animal blood, he said: "without a DOUBT Joseph my son is indeed dead.” Without a DOUBT means PERFECT and ABSOLUTE faith in something. Jacob had PERFECT faith in a LIE because Joseph was not dead, Joseph had not been killed, Joseph was on his way to becoming a prime minister. Jacob was looking at false evidence and developed perfect faith in something that isn’t real.

The old man goes out in his mind, takes a shovel, digs a hole, puts the bloody coat in it, puts the dirt on top of it and says: “my boy is dead, I will go to my grave mourning, it’s over, and the dream is dead.”  Question? What steers at you in the face? Have you buried dreams that are still alive? In the latter part of that story, Jacob realized that his son wasn't dead after all. And he said: “it is enough! Joseph my son is yet alive: I will go and see him before I die" what is it going to take you to get to get to the point where you say "it is enough! My dream is yet alive: I will live out my dream before I die?" I can see the old man in his mind as he goes back under the shade tree, takes the shovel, and digs out his son (dream). You’ve to dig out your dream; you’ve got to recapture your dream. It’s not dead yet, it’s still ALIVE

I want to encourage you to recapture your dream because the survival of a whole generation depends greatly on the execution of that dream. Stand up, dust yourself, and get moving.

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