Friday, 27 July 2012

Silent SCREAM!!!!!!!

There was a man who lived alone. He had no kids, no spouse, and no friends. He traveled all the time. He had a fish aquarium which harbored beautiful, expensive and exotic fish. He named all the fish, took care of them and fed them weekly or so. They were his companion. He came in from traveling one day; he fed the fish and went to bed. But while he slept the heater in the tank malfunctioned, and when he woke up in the morning all of his beautiful fish bloated, floating on the top of the tank. They were dead. And it bordered him; and he said: “I wonder if sometime during the night they screamed and nobody heard them. He said: “I love them, and I fed them, but I didn’t know that things were getting too hard for them.   He said: “I didn’t realize they lived in a different world from me, faced different circumstance from me, had different problem from me, I didn’t know; if I would have heard them, I would have helped them, but I never heard them scream!!”

Isn’t that how that things border you when you’ve lost so much stuff that one more thing won’t do? I guarantee you that they are a lot of people regardless of how they look, or how fat their bank accounts are, or how expensive the houses they live in are, who scream!!!!! And no one hears them. Life is closing in on them, everyone is leaving them, their body is changing, there is health is changing. They are in a turn; no enough money, they lost their father, lost their mother, lost their boyfriends and girlfriends, lost their jobs, lost everyone, their marriage is crumbling, and something in them is about to explode!! And they are handling it real good on the outside but somewhere inside, they are screaming! Screaming!!! Screaming!!!! Screaming! And no one is listening.

I call it silent scream. That moment in life when you wish your words can express what you feel on the inside. That moment in life when the noise and worries of this life shuts your mouth, put a fake smile on your face but implodes in you pains, emptiness, and brokenness. That moment in life when you are in the midst of people but still feel lonely. That moment in life when you go through stuffs and you wish the people you love wouldn’t leave you. That moment in life when you need someone to tell the world that your lies are the truth. It’s not that you are self centered, or maybe you ask for too much; it’s just that there are some people in your life whom you can’t let go just like that. They have become a part of you that without them it becomes almost impossible for you to survive. And while you are there screaming on the inside for them to hear, they are busy giving attention to songs whose lyrics they don’t understand.

My heart goes out to many people in our world who are broken and somehow who scream!!!! For help but can’t get any from anyone, because only them can hear their scream. It takes someone who understands you, and has been with you through tough times and good times to really hear you when you scream!!!!! I have had the opportunity to be by people who poured out their hearts to me about the challenges they face in their relationship.  People envy  how good their relationship look on the outside, but somehow, somewhere, something is missing that only them are aware of and they are losing their minds because they are helpless. Once, I stood by a lady who was going through a tough time trying to get her man to hear her scream!!! She is one of my greatest friends. The night hours I spent encouraging her couldn’t stop her from screaming!!  I realized that despite her beauty, she screamed!! All day long, and the only person she expects to hear her scream was deaf to her heart cry.

Sincerely, I do have a problem with people who feel they have no issues to deal with at all. They put up this “self righteous,” perfect looks like nothing in the world borders them, and the sad thing is they leave the people around them who go through stuffs feeling worthless. Regardless of who you are, or where you have been, somewhere in your life you scream! Scream!! Scream!!! And you wish someone somewhere, can hear you. I have got good news for you: don’t die, don’t give in, don’t crumble, don’t do something crazy, and don’t swell to the top of the tank. God can hear what you cannot say. God can hear what you do not know how to say. God can hear what you would love to say.
He listens to you when people are too busy to give you their ears.

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