Sunday, 22 July 2012

Why live in a small BOX?

Each and every one us has to come to a point when we no longer have to deny that still voice inside of us, telling us of the way to follow, the love to give, the gratitude to express, and the feelings to feel. But rather to express our true self and the possibilities we all carry.

As children, we were aware of all our gifts. We were innocent and pure. We were immensely creative and wildly passionate. Our imagination knew no boundaries and our dreams knew no limits. We trusted others and had faith in ourselves. We did not really have the need to have everything figured out. We expressed our truest essence as a person without fear of reprisal, and we freely let our light shine. We lived totally in the moment and savored every simple gift that each of our lives brought to us on a regular basis. We loved singing and dreaming, and many more of good things. The world was abundant, a place of boundless possibilities, and a ready partner for our authentic success. But then something happened.

Well, to put it bluntly, we committed a crime. Actually we committed the most serious crime any human being could commit. We began to betray ourselves. We disowned our true self in favor of buying into the beliefs of our society.

 You see, we started to adopt other people’s beliefs about the way the world works and the nature of our role within it. We shut down our beautiful feelings and began to live in our mind—spending our days rationalizing, judging, and worrying rather than skipping, dancing, reading or playing. We became people please rs—thinking, acting, and conducting ourselves in ways that were not of our own choosing but of the choosing of those around us, such as our parents, teachers, and friends. Consequently, the process of socialization took over and our personal magnificence began to be hidden. We did what we were told, acted as we were instructed to act, and thought the way people taught us  to think. In doing so, we began to live in a small box.

 The truth of it all is that most people die with their music still within them.  Most people do die with the great song of their lives remaining unsung. They fail to live the gorgeous lives that they were meant to. And this is not only a great disservice to us—but a great disservice to the world. Therefore, we should live a more fulfilled live, looking forward to everyday to be a new beginning for us and by so doing, we live the most authentic lives.

I want to encourage those who seek to find their best life and manifest the desires of their heart to walk the path of inner discovery, not outer change. The real goal in life is self-revelation: revealing your best self to your current self and then seeing the world through a new set of eyes in the process. Finally, never must we cease from EXPLORATION.


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