Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sometimes SILENCE is Better

I recently met a 20 year old lady who shared with me some of her past experiences and I couldn’t help but cry as she spoke. She told me of how her she had been raped and abused by her uncle at a very tender age.   Her relationship experience was like changing her underwear’s. Every guy she met just wanted to have sex with her, and afterwards dump her. Guys’ dumping her wasn’t something new to her, as she had been dumped more than 60 times by guys. Can you imagine the painful experiences people go through?

Wounded by her past experiences, she adopted several habits along the way. Someone who couldn’t stand the sight of smokers and drunkards began drinking, smoking and even taking drugs. As she poured out her heart, I realized she was a GOOD girl who just wanted to ease her pains by doing BAD stuffs. While I tried to comfort and encourage her with words full of hope, she wasn't interested in all I was saying or would have said. All she needed was someone who instead of giving much advice, solutions or cures, will chose rather to share her pain and touch her wounds with a gentle and tender hand. She needed someone who can be SILENT with her in a moment of despair or confusion, someone who can stay with her in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not hearing and face with her the reality of her powerlessness. All she needed was SILENCE from me, an ear WIDE open to listen and a shoulder broad enough to lean and cry on.

Sometimes SILENCE is better. We ought to allow people share with us what they go through and not even interrupt them while they speak. They have so much in them they want to let out, and how articulate we are in using those powerful words of encouragements we have for so long meditated on may not bring healing to them. All they need is for you to be SILENT and listen to them pour out their hearts.  Just by being assured that they have your full attention may be all they need to be WHOLE again.



*Michael Onobote* said...

This is defnitely a whole new perspective to what I thought I knew. Silence is truly golden in that circumstance. I can't imagine the trauma she's been facing all these while. May God heal those wounds.

huntly anabs said...

Hey mike,
Thanks for stopping! i really do appreciate.