Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kidnapped by SELF

In our contemporary world today, we hear of kidnap cases here and there. Its either the mother of one governor was kidnapped or the son to one farmer was kidnapped, and in most cases, millions of Naira are demanded from the family of the victims before they can be released.  It has now become a growing business in which many of our youths are going into. The victims are sometimes housed in a dark room or an isolated area, far away from the reach of their loved ones. They sometimes go days without being fed or giving water to drink. Some of the victims excrete in the rooms and are forced to live with the unbearable odor from their waste.  Oh!! What a traumatic experience, one in which I don’t wish my enemies experience.

Isn’t it funny how people become kidnapers of “self” each passing day?  They isolate themselves from the world, and at the same time, ask for ransom from other people before they can be released. The last time I checked, the dictionary meaning of the word “Ransom,” means “the release of a prisoner in exchange for something.”  They live in pains but are unwillingly to be healed. They hurt themselves day after day as a result of the decisions they make, but are unwilling to make any effort to make better decisions. They are trapped into living someone else’s dream because they don’t have a dream of their own.
Kidnappers as we know don’t see the value in the persons they kidnap that’s why they treat these people without mercy. What more can you expect from people who are kidnapped by “self”? They don’t see the value in themselves that’s why they talk themselves down, and feed their minds with just any information they come across. They allow people define who they are, and therefore, their identity is formed by other people’s opinion. I wonder how many people have tried to be free from this prison they are in.  They can’t seem to love again because they were heartbroken at some point. They can’t trust again because they were backstabbed at some point. They can’t try one more time because they failed at some point. Kidnapped by self, they live just another day without living for the very purpose for which they were created. They watch their dreams and aspirations fade away while they go deep into that dark chasm.

 The truth of the matter is the only way you can be free is to find your way to your creator. Self can’t free self, only God can free self. I encourage you to come out from that solitary confinement and live your best life, the reason for which you were created.  Stop waiting for other people to make you feel special. Why not feel special about YOU and love who you are?


Huntly Anabs


Onayimi Bokesh said...

Nice blog. Really poetic. Guess people that appreciate literature will totally love your blog. I love the way it's different from other blogs. This feels fresh and different. Kudos.

huntly anabs said...

Thanks alot Yimi. Really appreciate you stopping by