Friday, 22 June 2012

Run Your Own Race

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. (Ecclesiastes 7:18)
HOPE was birth in my spirit as I meditated upon the above scripture,  I realized that this simple but profound statement can make the difference between daylight and darkness. It all depends on the lenses in which we use in viewing our world. My attention was drawn to those athletes who run long distance track races (5000- 1000 metre ). Their main goal is to get to the finish line before their opponents.  Well positioned, on hearing the sound of the gun, they take off; with some starting out very fast while others maintain a slow pace. How they start is of no business to their fans, judge, and even their fellow athlete. What everyone is concerned about is who gets to the finish line first.  What happens on the track is an exact representation of what happens in life; many runners but only few who gets to the finish line, and on the right time.

What race are you running? Or are you even on the TRACK? Do you see the finish line? These are questions we must ask ourselves each and every day.  We must be very careful not to run other peoples race or even be on the wrong track. Like the athlete who gets to the finish line and stops, knowing she has completed her race, we also must know when to STOP. We don’t stop before we get to the finish line, we stop after we have crossed the finish line.

Perhaps you started out wrongly, and may have made some terrible decisions in the past which consequences still hunt till date.  The relationship you tried everything possible to sustain just couldn’t work out. The business you invested so much in eventually failed.  You don’t just know why you’ve been rejected and ostracized by people you love.  I know that feeling that comes with not getting what we want, but I also know that feeling that comes with getting what’s best for us. Life sometimes doesn’t give us what we want, not because we don’t deserve them, but maybe, at that point in time, what we wanted wasn't good enough. Like the prodigal son that got his heritance to SOON; What would have been a blessing to him ended up being a curse because he got what was he’s at the wrong time.  More like eating your DINNER during BREAKFAST.
So I encourage you to run your race with patience, hoping that your end shall be better than your beginning. It doesn’t matter how you start, what matters most is how you finish.  While running life’s race, be careful not to compare yourself with others. Just because others are succeeding doesn’t mean you are failing.

Never allow your background keep your back on the ground.  Keep running and never give up until you get to your glorious end. Forget about the failures, and meditate on this simple but profound statement “My ending shall be better than my beginning”   and you will be amazed at how your life will turn out. Be peaceful, be patient with yourself, and believe that everything is working out for your good.



Anonymous said...

A very inspiring piece. Thanks bro !!

huntly anabs said...

Thanks a lot sir. appreciate