Saturday, 16 March 2013

Your Oga at the top

I believe by now most of you must have the seen the video that went viral over the internet a few days back. Although not given a title by channels TV, some Nigerians decided to tag the video "My Oga at the top" which makes it even more hilarious. With no intention of trying to exaggerate, I must say here that I have watched the “My oga at the top” video more than 50 times and surprisingly, it gets me rolling on the floor and laughing my ass out each time I watch it. While no one is above mistakes, such a blunder, I think, shouldn't go scot free. Therefore, I totally support the caricature people are making of this video..

However hilarious and embarrassing that video is to millions of people, there is a lesson to be learnt from it. Something strikes me each time I hear the man say "My oga at the top.” And whenever I get to the part he said those five letter words "My oga at the top” I pause the video, shift aside my laptop and roll on the floor laughing with tears rolling down my cheek.  Forgive me please; I wouldn't pretend it isn't funny. It is oh! I no go lie. It is abeg! If while or after watching that video you didn’t laugh, then it means something is really wrong with you and I suggest you go for serious check up or maybe visit bar beach so those “aladura’s” (White garment prophets) can conduct special prayers for you. Just pay N10, 000 and your case would be taken care of. Why? Because you need it. 

In my opinion, this is the funniest clip of all time and I think this new Naija Lexicon with the words: “My oga at the top” is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.
In a bid to camouflage his ignorance, he made several attempts to dodge the question as he tried to get the Journalist to understand that the decision to disclose the official website (ww.nscdc. *coughs* so.. Dazz all) wasn't he’s but "his oga at the top." But trust Journalist nawh! They wouldn’t let him be; as one of the Journalists kept asking him with a sarcastic look on his face “What is the official website of the NSCDC?
What further amazes me is how that people are already making a fortune off what others saw as a mere comedy show. It would shock you that T-shits with the emblazoned words: “My oga at the top” are being sold for N3000 as I write this piece and I believe the demand for those customized shirts exceeds the supply at the present moment (Business In-sight).  Igbo boys sha! I hail ona oh!!
The clip taught me a few lessons which I think I should share with you guys in just a few lines.

Now I'm more than convinced that a bunch of people live their lives on a daily basis thinking they own their lives when in reality their lives isn't theirs but God (Oga at the top). Some, without any form of direction wake up, eat (sometimes without even brushing) bath and off they go. To where? No where! They live a life without purpose because somehow, they wouldn't ask "Their oga at the top" the reason they were born

As an individual, I can't count the number of times I have made important decisions without consulting God (My oga at the top). There have been certain times I have exercised authority over my life without even giving God (My oga at the top) a little space. I have made terrible mistakes that I think I wouldn't have if only I had admitted that I was ignorant of what I was getting myself into and ask for direction. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your ignorance in a certain matter, but there's everything wrong with claiming you know when actually you know nothing. If you don’t know or understand a thing, humble yourself and ask those who are intelligent enough to teach you what you don’t know. That’s how you learn.

I wonder why it didn’t come to Mr Shem in an epiphany that he was seated before channels journalist. I mean if you know those guys, you will know they can make a fool of anyone. Should he have said "I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that question” his honesty perhaps, would have saved him the embarrassment and maybe, you and I wouldn't have been making a caricature of the "hilarious” clip. In all sincerity, I feel for him. I can’t imagine the humiliation his kids and wife are currently facing as a result of what Nigerians are making off it. This ”My oga at the top” joke is definitely going to last for a long time. Atleast he became popular overnight. It’s not that easy to be known by millions of people overnight. Shey?

Having said that, I believe life would be much better if people can humble themselves and seek to understand rather than be understood.  Ask questions where you don’t understand and be humble to take correction. Self discovery begins with acknowledging you don't know who you are and then asking God " your oga at the top” to show you who you are.
As I conclude this piece, I’m reminded of the words of King Solomon:”Trust in the lord (Your oga at the top) with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him (Your oga at the top) and He will make your path straight.

Ehn ehn that being said, do you guys think he should be queried, fired or pardoned for making such a terrible blunder?  I mean should someone of his reputation go scot free for not knowing the answer to such a simple question? I hear he has been suspended by his “oga at the top.” Do you think that was the right thing to do? Please share your opinion in the comment box below.

Huntly Anabs
Twitter: @huntlya


Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Huntly.
I said the same thing too to people... The man should hav said he didn't know it. People would have talked still, but it wouldn't hav bn dis bad.
I feel bad for him and his household. This is one moment they will always live to remember. This is surely an embarrassing, humiliating and depressing moment for them. I jst hope no one takes it overboard.
Well, I don't think he is any different from other nigerians in key positions like his. They should bring d so-called "oga at d top", he may not be any different.
That being said, I think he should be pardoned. (It could hav been anyone).

- Ms F Tyndall (u knw who)

Chioma said...

Na he is suspended by oga at the top

Chioma said...

Now, he is suspended by oga at the top

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