Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blogger's Diary: My encounter with a Daddy's boy by Emeh

Emeh, also known as Misspetitie is a Writer, Blogger, Journalist, Lawyer, Fashion/Style Editor and Winner: best new blog 2012.  She blogs at
Enjoy her piece below.

Lol some people might hate me for this but I still got love for you all…One love

You think mummy's boys are a dating nightmare, have a re-think because, we now have Daddy's boys. These are the worst set of guys any woman can date. Yes, they are old enough to fend for themselves but still live at home with daddy, drive daddy's cars and eat dad's food.

 Sometime last year, a friend of mine met this popular Nigerian celebrity DJ.An epitome of handsomeness and well traveled, she excitedly told me how she had snagged one of Nigeria's hottest bachelors.
However, there was a little problem. ..She had known him for over two months and he never invited her home. He always brought up the excuse that he was busy. As long as he hadn't had sex with her, there was no reason to panic.

So, one fateful day, out of the blue, he invited her over at night. So after a musical show, she went along with him in his jeep (oops! hope this doesn't give away his identity .lol) and as ladies do, we resorted to BB communication.

 She told me how they were driving towards Lekki phase1 and I was like "big boy! Wow he lives in lekki" So we continued our bb chatter till they arrived at his house "OMG! Emeh this guy lives in a mansion "she told me.""Seriously? How  big?" I inquired.

 She told me it was a duplex and that they just pulled into the compound and that there were several exotic cars parked in there. "U don hammer oh" The materialistic side of me congratulated her "Don't sleep with him, don't kiss,bla bla bla"I gave her advise which ladies presume will make a man ask for a 2nd date"(story)

 I was just about to ask how the interior part of our new inlaw's (yes we are that house looks when she pinged me "Emeh,u won't believe what happened now"..."Omg,he gave u one of the cars"(wink).."No! Dammit, I'm in the bush"
 "Bush in Lekki?I don't understand. Thought u were inside his mansion"? I replied with a confused smiley
 "Don't you get it? The door opened, an elderly man walked out and this guy just shoved me behind the flower hedge and asked me to hide."
 I didn't reply "
This is so embarrassing"
I didn't reply "
Emeh are you there? Say something" .
Honestly, I was shocked. I didn't know if to laugh or console her" .I just said" since it’s not a woman, no need to panic. He probably doesn't want the man to see you. Who's the man anyway"?
"His dad, the man is shouting at him now for taking the car out without permission"

 At that point in time, it was clear, this big boy was a daddy's boy, still in his dad's house ,riding his dad's cars and eating his dad's food.
 Fast-forward to 20mins later, he sneaked my flabbergasted friend though the kitchen, into his tiny room .This is the same room he has been using since he was a kid. He jumped at the slightest sound of his father's voice.(James..fake name..yes daddy)he would scurry out like a rat not forgetting to gesture his finger over his mouth,indicating she shouldn't make noise.

My friend had to hide in the bathroom three times that night when his dad came knocking. My friend was like a prisoner, she couldn't cough, couldn't talk, all because he didn't want his dad to know he had a lady over.
The next day, after swearing for his generation, I vowed never to be in that position and mapped out a strategy to avoid daddy’s boys,
-Any young man below 30,driving a jeep, living in Lekki,VGC,Banana Island,is definitely a daddy’s boy..

Then 3 months later, I met this handsome darker version of Lynxx. He was everything a daddy’s boy was not. He was 32(ripe for marriage),he was riding a 2011 Toyota Camry, was working in a construction company and lived on the island.
Every time we chatted, he would say” You should come to “MY” house..I felt I was on cloud 9.Wow!,he has his own house.
So one fateful weekend we had a date at the beach and since it was on the island, he decided to take me and my friend to see his house.
We were in his sleek car, chatting away happily as he drove into VGC(Victoria Garden City). At that point, I was a little taken aback. This place has got to be expensive, but I consoled myself with the fact that, he might be renting a boys quarters or a little apartment (not too bad for a Bachelor).

So we got to his street and someone was waiving him down frantically, but he ignored him by saying” Just one of my boys around” So,I shrugged it off and as we got to the gate of an exquisite mansion, the security guy opened the gate and we drove in. He packed the car, smiled and said” Welcome to my humble home”. It’s a pleasure” I and my friend chorused with plastered smiles.

As he stepped down, the guard rushed up to him and said “Oga dey o”
I watched my prince charming’s face transform instantly wearing a shocked expression” Oga dey,where ,how?
I was confused when he said ermmm you know what, my uncle is back.He wasn't supposed to come back today..
“WHAT”! I exclaimed. You live with your uncle? As I was still trying to take the latest information in,an elderly man’s voice could be heard laughing heartily and approaching us from inside.

My date turned around in near tears”Emeh please,just enter the back of the car with your friend and sit till he passes. He’s a pain in the butt….i blocked my ears to the sound of his voice and instead of Lynxx,I saw shrek..I just winked at my friend and we stormed out just in time to hear the uncle say”Who are those ladies”?
“Wrong house, wrong house” he stammered….

At that moment, I vowed…never again will I encounter a daddy’s boy..sitting opposite a young handsome man a few months later, I asked” So where do you stay”? Oh,I stay in Ajao Estate” he replied..I smiled to myself “I’d be dammed if this one’s a daddy’s boy” and I was right” He sure wasn't  as we rode away in his 1994 Toyota camry….


Shallie said...

hey hutly..nice piece i read initially on emeh's page..Just thot to come on here as i promised..Nice Place..uv got..x

Ibifiri Kamson said...

Lol this is so funny

Lydia Anabs said...

Lolzz..rilli funny.kip it up big bro.luv ur blog.*kisses* frm lydia

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