Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Beautiful Scars

We all have experienced scars at some point in our lives. These scars may have either been physical or emotional; scars that caused us to bleed so badly, some of which it took us years to heal and some we are yet to recover from. These wounds leave in our heart a mark that reminds us of the painful experience we went through. Scar can leave lasting effects in people’s minds, mostly caused by personal misfortune or unpleasant experience. 

We smile on the outside, but are broken on the inside.  We are playing a role; acting like something on the outside that we are not on the inside. We feed others but are starved ourselves, we are surrounded by people yet we are lonely, we make others happy but we are sad, and the question I ask is: how on earth is it possible to give what we don’t have? Only you know to what extent your public success masks your private failures. 

Beautiful scars…. We all have a breaking point in life.  We all have been broken. And the struggle with life is not allow an experience become a definition where we define ourselves by what happened to us. Too many people are living their destiny based on what other people called them. Thus, they live their lives at the expense of other people’s judgment/perception about them.

 Most people are struggling, trying to overcome hurtful words said to them by people closest to their hearts. And sadly, some of these cutting words were said to them by their parents. Somewhere in their heart, there is a cut, and each time they are reminded of those spiteful words, the cut in their heart gets deeper.

What do you do when you as a lady didn’t get what you should have got when you should have gotten it? And now you have to hide the fact that you don’t have what other ladies have because your parents didn’t do what they should have done when it was time to do it, and now you are a grown up lady hurting with a girl’s problem. And it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t such a personal problem. I mean it’s alright to have to a problem that you can go public with, but what do you do when you have a scar that must remain private?

When you don’t get what you should have got when you were a boy, it is so much more painful to have to go back as a man and try to fix a boy problem. Your childhood problem is about to mess up your manhood promise.

What do you do when you are fine enough to get married but you do not have the skill sets to be a wife? What do you do when your situation outgrows your skill sets and now you are in a position for which you have not been prepped? 

 Sometimes we do not have the skills to go along with where life has brought us. What then do we do when our skill sets don’t match our situation? What do you do when you work in a Job and they ask you to prepare a power point presentation and you do not know how to operate the computer? You knew how to talk your way into the job but you don’t know how to perform the function that the job requires. 

And the problem with many of us is we spend so much effort, emotion, and time speaking to God about our weakness and history when God is trying to talk to us about our future.

You must come to the point in your life where you begin to realize that there are some stuff God will cut away from your life; some stuff you thought you would never loose, but it has to go for what he’s going to do next in your life. He will cut away what his standing between you and your real destiny and purpose. And until you can go through the process of pain, you may never be able to obtain the promise.  Painful scar it is, but beautiful still.

Beautiful Scars…. They hurt us, but ultimately, the pain is for our own good.



Michael Onobote said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I thought I'd comment on how good it is but it was much more than a mere piece but rather a message. Thanks for blessing me with this. I'm grateful.

huntly anabs said...

Thanks alot mike for stopping by. Aprct.

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