Friday, 7 September 2012

Surviving the CRASH

Ok guys! This is my first work of fiction, I hope you enjoy every bit of it as well as learn the lessons. Read on.

Lola and Tunde had been friends since they were kids. Lola, 20 years of age would always run to Tunde to seek his advice whenever she had a challenge. Since Tunde was 5 years older than Lola, somehow he was always able to give her the best of advice. 

Their friendship grew so strong that their friends became suspicious of them being in a secret relationship.  Contrary to what their friends thought, they were just friends who had become so close with no strings attached. Lola would disclose to tunde about the latest guy asking her out. Occasionally, she would plan with Tunde on how to empty a guy’s pocket that wouldn’t just let her be. Tunde on the other hand would seek strategy from Lola on how to get a girl to bed. After he succeeds, they would both laugh over it and Tunde would jokingly say to Lola “You are a good strategist.” These people were that close. They knew their deepest secrets.

As their friendship grew stronger by the seconds, their depth of understanding of each other became deeper.  Once, they had a misunderstanding and stopped talking to each other for about a week. In the process, they realized how close they had become to be separate from each other.  No one to joke with, no one to share their depth of knowledge about life with, no one to  share their individual problems with, and no one to just be themselves with. They were lonely.  Consequently, they settled their differences and continued from where they stopped and this time, they became closer.

They have both grown to trust each other.  Tunde never asked Lola out throughout their 15 years knowing each other and Lola on the other hand clung to Tunde even in his worst days. Simply put, their friendship for each other was genuine. 

As time went by, Lola couldn’t love any guy no matter how rich he was and Tunde couldn’t find any girl attractive enough (inside and out) to win his heart. Maybe, they had both grown to love each other without knowing it.

On this day, Lola was depressed and she called Tunde to find out if he was at home. She needed someone she could talk to and Tunde happens to be the best person. Well, Tunde was home and asked that Lola come over so they could talk about it.

This day was different from every other day. Tunde couldn’t believe he had done something heinous to Lola and Lola was shocked that the angel she had known all these years had now become a devil. She had been raped by Tunde. “What could have made Tunde betray the trust I had for him?” she said to herself. “I know I am attractive, but should I be raped by my best friend?” “Why should a man I always run to now be the one I run away from” Lola was bitter and heartbroken that she had been  raped and deflowered by her companion.

Now, she sees every guy she meets as a devil. After all, if the person she trusted betrayed her, then, anyone can as well do the same. She had suddenly built a wall of defense and wouldn’t allow any guy come in. She now sees everyone in her present based on her past experience. The usual cliché “All guys are the same.”

Time they say heals all wounds, but for Lola, it wasn’t a matter of time, it was a matter of her opening up to be healed. Isn’t that the hardest thing in life to do? To open up again after you’ve been hurt. Lola needed a friend she could trust even though her trust for Tunde was betrayed. Rather than suppressing her pains and going through it all alone, she decided she was going to express it. She realized that just because she had been hurt doesn’t mean she shuts the door to her heart.  And her words to everyone who have been hurt before is that part of our healing comes from being open to others.  There’s hope for healing if only you will opens up once again.

Someone may be thinking: How do I reconcile my past and my present? How do I let go of that painful experience I accommodate? How can I be healed from that sharp cut in my heart?  How do I endure the silence from going through hell? How do I forgive myself? It becomes a problem when people are blinded by their past that they no longer see their present or future. Let go of your past, it has no business with your future.

However how painful your past experience may be, healing is possible. There is nothing in your history that is as big as what God has for you in your future. 

Forgiving those who has hurt you is the best way to be healed. John puts it this way, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.” Your soul can’t prosper carrying weights of unforgiveness, bitterness and pains. Lay aside every weight and live the free life you were designed to live.

Embrace yourself, feel the pains, let the tears flow, dry your tears and see clearly. Healing is screaming “if you are ready, I’m available.”  



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