Monday, 5 November 2012

NYSC: Journey to an unknown TERRITORY

You may find so many errors as you read through. But I beg you to please pardon my mistakes. I wrote this piece in a rush and Just don’t have the time to start editing.
Its 1am in the morning and am still awake thinking about the next phase of my life and the many uncertainties that comes with it. It is frightening I must admit, but somehow, I am hopeful that my future, although unknown, is bright.

I had traveled down to Yola for 3 primary reasons: To pick up my NYSC call up letter, reunite with friends once again, and finally, to attend the homecoming event that was organized for alumni. Taking friends by surprise, I appeared from nowhere like a superman. At the sight of me, they jumped on me, hugged me, screaming out loud in excitement for others to know the controversial huntly is the building…. *winks* 

The past week for me has been an awesome experience as I dazzled both friends and enemies by appearing on the red and green carpet events of both the AUN concert and the Mr. and Mrs. AUN Pageant, looking dapper as always. Wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and black pants on the MR and Mrs AUN Pageant, camera men present were all over me, taking pictures of me ranging in their thousands. I’m pretty sure I gave Jim Iyke a run for his money. I hear someone say: “Abeg make I hear word.”  Lol…… #NotInterestedFace.  

To cut the long story short, I had mad fun. It was a beautiful experience. It was now time for business. And NYSC was about to give some of us the greatest shock of our lives. With the recent bombings and killings of innocent lives by BokoHaram, people fear being posted to northern states, hence they influence their posting. For me, I decided I was just going to allow life take where it pleases. I made up my mind not to influence my posting even though I was being pressured by mum to.  Part of my philosophy is life becomes boring when you know the next step.  Don’t you think?

While many others were posted places like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar, guess where I was posted to? Keep guessing…. 

This is perhaps one of the most challenging times in my life as I am left with the option of putting my fears behind me, and venturing into the unknown or heeding to my mum’s advice of me staying back and waiting for the next batch. Apparently, she has been in tears and great fear since she was informed of my posting. 

I believe that character is developed in the most uncomfortable of places. I can’t question God’s decisions neither can I change them. It is with this intent I venture into the unknown, trusting that God’s plan and ultimate purpose for my life will be revealed during my NYSC year.

Often times, faith develops in the dark! Have you ever thought about the process that is involved in photography? From the point that you get your family posed with smiles on their faces to the final framed photo, you have to go through a number of steps.  When you take a photo, you expose the film in your camera to light by opening the shutter. The light reacts with something called silver-halide particles in the film. These sensitive particles react to the light, producing the invisible reaction. The film must be developed in order for the reaction to be made visible. To keep getting the film from getting overexposed, the film is developed in the dark, cool room using several chemicals. The skill of the photographer comes into play, because he must know how long to keep the film in each chemical. An error in the process of and the photo could come out too dark, too light, streaked, or stained. But it is only after each step is performed for the right duration of time that you end up with a perfect picture.

The development of our faith is similar to that of film development. We are exposed to the light of life, but the image of the dark of the master is not seen until we endure the process of life. Often times, it is in the dark and the most uncomfortable of places that our lives are dipped into the developers that expose who and what we are. 

God knows how long to keep us in each chemical bath; He knows how much we can handle, and He leaves us in the bath only until we develop into the desired image. He moves us from one experience to another, and although we do not see the full, final image until the process is complete, we can trust that the process that takes place in the dark will eventually produce a clear image. It is with this in my mind that I trust that God wants to teach me how to trust him even in the desert place. He wants to teach me identify and extract finished product from raw materials. He wants to teach how to appreciate what doesn’t appeal to the eyes. 

I know it’s going to be a tough one, but I am prepared to face it. NYSC has got nothing on me. I will survive.

For those who are curious about my posting, you will know shortly. My flight has been scheduled for 8:50am this morning and I am not even prepared half way.  Please allow me to go take my bath, have breakfast and head to the airport. I must be in SOKOTO before anyone gets there.  The Governor of SOKOTO awaits my arrival.

I need you prayers and best wishes please. Leave a comment.

To my fellow otondo's, i wish you well

See you all again in three weeks times. Until then, your boy remains loyal.


Anonymous said...

Oh my darlene gonna do jes great!!!my prayers are with you love!buh sokoto dou...*bbm beat up symbol*

Anonymous said...

May d joy of d lord be ur strenght and he shall be by ur side in wat ever u do,u will go to sokoto u will achive ur goals u will conquer and cum bk wit victory bt in wat ever u do remember where u r coming from don't join bad pEeps do rightful tins stand by d truth at all times and be urself no matter wat.may d grace of God see u through.frm jonahs frnd preye Dickson(ghana)

Michael U Ameh said...

right from the heart Huntly, this a great piece...and pardon to say i now see an evolving Huntly Anabs,all best my friend..put Sokoto into your Shokoto and you

*Michael Onobote* said...

May God go with you and be with you all through your service year. I believe by now, camp will be ending but I pray the grace of God shall see you through in Jesus name. You are one interesting young man. :-)

ohnyee said...

be assured of His presence , He's got your back.

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